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Spring Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 56 reviews.

Patient Review By Janet D

Love my new 2 front implants, cannot believe my birthday wish came true. At the young age of 80, I received my 2 front teeth. Thank you Dr. Thompson for my wish.

- Janet D

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Patient Review By Deela R

Dr. Thompson provided care for both of my elderly parents. His care and compassion was extended during their visits, care planning, and after care continued follow up efforts. His concern for my parents was so appreciated, and exhibited though several personal follow up calls to be sure healing was on course with offers of availability if needed. We were met with kindness and genuine concern to accomplish solutions for each patient in their window of need. I cannot speak highly enough in my recommendation of Dr. Thompson and his care for his patients.

- Deela R

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Patient Review By Kristen J

I have had several teeth taken out and implants put in by Dr Fuentes. Some of them he put in about 15 years ago and the are all still as beautiful as the day I got them. He is meticulous in his work and is absolutely painless. I appreciate all of the care and compassion he has shown me through the years.

- Kristen J

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Patient Review By Lanette C

Dr Fuentes and his staff are very welcoming. He is down to earth, compassionate and his friendly, confident approach puts you at ease; you just feel safe. You can tell he is listening. I wasn't feeling well for a long time and when he called after surgery to check on me, he actually said you haven't felt well for a while, have you. I can't tell you how important that was to hear because I wasn't just another person in the chair under anesthesia, like a turn-style. He cared while performing that surgery and stating and/or acknowledging to me what I had long-felt but quit saying helped more than he may ever know. MUCH gratitude to Dr Fuentes and staff. Thank you!!

- Lanette C

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Patient Review By Don C

One would never imagine that having an extraction could be a pleasant experience or even a pleasure, but this staff and Dr. Thompson make it so. Everyone was pleasant to deal with, genuinely friendly and cheerful, and professional. After the evaluation, Dr. Thompson bent the surgery schedule just a little to accommodate me at that time and save another night of discomfort. I was in and out in just over an hour and so was the tooth. These are genuinely nice people, and I will praise and laud this business to anyone who will listen.

- Don C

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Patient Review By Larry -

Dr. Fuentes is a smooth operator! Painless! 10 stars! I saw 2 other oral surgeons in the area who I was not impressed with and they hurt me. Dr Fuentes is light years better than the other guys. Don't go anywhere else.

- Larry -

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Patient Review By Lori M

Excellent care from Dr Fuentes and his staff! Highly recommend!!!!

- Lori M

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Patient Review By Kristen A

Thank you Dr. Fuentes for making my complicated oral surgery so easy. Best bedside manner I have ever seen from any doctor or dentist. He makes you feel like a friend. I didn’t even feel the IV for my Anesthesia for my surgery. Perfect result for my tooth implant. My dentist said that Dr. Fuentes performs the best implants of any surgeon around. Would give more than 5 stars!

- Kristen A

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Patient Review By Tara B

Dr. Fuentes and staff are the best around! You will not find a more caring and compassionate office. I waited 15 years to get my wisdom teeth out due to fear of being in pain and just sheer anxiety. I was scared for nothing! They took such good care of me from start to finish, I was good within a few days and back at work on Monday. Highly recommend and will use for any problems in the future as well as for my daughter when she needs her wisdom teeth out!

- Tara B

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Patient Review By A G

Great experience having my wisdom teeth taken out. Dr. Fuentes is so funny and he put me at ease. IV was super easy then I literally felt like I blinked and woke up from surgery. No pain afterward. Dr. Fuentes is the man! He is super smooth!

- A G

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