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Patient Review By Amy G

Dr. Fuentes, you are an absolutely amazing person and doctor. I am tearing up while writing this. The care and compassion you showed my dad (who has dementia) was unmatched by any other health professional. You gave us comfort and hope for my dad when we were told that his situation was hopeless. The jaw surgery for my dad was comfortable and he healed perfectly. You even made my dad laugh which I haven’t seen him do in a couple years because of the dementia. He even kept calling you his friend after we left your office. You were the angel we needed for my dad. I’ll will never forget how amazing you treated my dad and our family. Thank you from our entire family!

- Amy G

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Patient Review By Debbie R

I am a huge baby when it comes to dental work, and I cannot say enough about the great care shown to me by the entire office staff. I had a cracked tooth that couldn't be repaired so Dr. Thompson removed it and prepped it for an implant. I came back to have the post put in and between the 2 appointments he (and all the staff) could not have been more comforting and gentle. I hope I never have to have this procedure done again but if I do, I will absolutely return here.

- Debbie R

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Patient Review By Shelly D

My daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Fuentes. He has the most incredible personality. You feel like you have known him for years! He is very professional and you can tell he loves what he does. My daughter was a nervous wreck until the consultation. After the consultation she told me that she didn’t feel nervous anymore because she felt so comfortable with the doctor and the team. Surgery day was a breeze. She was taken back to the surgery by such a sweet nurse. She said she didn’t even feel the IV and next thing she knew she was done. She had no discomfort after the surgery and was back doing normal activities the next day. I want to give my thanks to Dr . Fuentes and the nurses for making this mama feel so comfortable and safe during my daughter’s surgery by knowing she was in such good hands. We will be back with my 3 other kiddos.

- Shelly D

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Patient Review By Charles H

I cant say enough about the staff and the doctor! Upon arrival, you are greeted by 3 lovely ladies. I had to have a tooth extracted and was taken back at my scheduled time. ( no extra waiting) The assistants were very kind. Doctor Thompson had excellent " bedside Manner", telling me exactly what he was doing and continued to ask me if I was ok. The pain was very minimal and the tooth was extracted. Doctor Thompson told me he would call me later in the evening and check on me. I figured it would be one of the ladies in the office calling me, but, it was doctor Thompson who called and checked on me. I have been to many dentists in my 60 years and i can truly say that Doctor Thompson was the best Dentist I have ever been to and I would highly recommend him!!

- Charles H

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Patient Review By Sally T

Dr. Fuentes is a Godsend! Most compassionate doctor I have ever met. I am a true scardy cat and he made me feel so comfortable. He has a compassionate, calming, confident bedside manner. He will make you laugh and laugh and laugh. The best part was that I never felt one ounce of pain during my procedures to have my implants put in. he gave me my smile back and my confidence. He truly has a passion for what he does and it shows. Thank you to Dr. Fuentes and Thank you to the Spring Cypress Oral Surgery team!

- Sally T

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Patient Review By Joe B

Dr. Fuentes is an implant WIZARD! I had ZERO discomfort after my procedure. My implant fused to my bone perfect. My regular dentist told me that my implant was put in perfectly and that Dr Fuentes is the best implant surgeon in the region. Highly impressed and highly recommend. Thank you for your service to me.

- Joe B

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Patient Review By Dzyntra C

Great experience with Spring Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center from start to finish! Dr. Christopher Thompson is an excellent oral surgeon! He’s very understanding and know how to listen to your concerns. He also took the time to explain the procedure step by step in a very clear manner. The service I received from him, and his team was simply excellent. A very warm experience! They are very knowledgeable, friendly, kind, and lovely to speak with. They really showed a lot of caring, and answered all my questions. I personally decided on local anesthesia for my wisdom tooth extraction, and Dr. Thompson made me feel at ease during the procedure, which was quick and painless. Very efficient! He also ensured I understood the aftercare instructions and followed up on my recovery. In a nutshell: Great experience as a first timer. Dr. Thompson and his team really care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming his patient.

- Dzyntra C

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Patient Review By Laura M

My 18 yo daughter had her wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Fuentes on the morning of Monday, December 27, 2021. I highly recommend Dr. Fuentes if you are looking for an exceptional oral surgeon! We had a 7:30am arrival time for her surgery. When we arrived, Dr. Fuentes’s reception staff were very friendly and informative, providing us with post-procedure instructions and verifying our pharmacy of choice. Within 5 minutes, my daughter was taken back for the procedure. Dr. Fuentes came out to personally speak with me once the procedure was finished, which I greatly appreciate. The entire appointment from walk in to drive out was less than 30 minutes! Before we pulled away, post-op instructions were reviewed with us again and the prescriptions had already been called into the pharmacy. We received communication from Dr. Fuentes’s office this morning checking on how our daughter was doing. Again, I greatly appreciate the follow-up! This is my family’s second experience having a procedure done by Dr. Fuentes and both times our experience was top-notch! Again, if you are looking for an oral surgeon, my family highly recommends Dr. Michael Fuentes at Spring Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center! His staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the facilities are immaculate, and he is timely, personable and an expert in his field!

- Laura M

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Patient Review By Julie A

Excellent service and follow up. I was amazed with how smooth the procedure was for both my daughters. Dr Fuentes did an excellent job! I would absolutely recommend him.

- Julie A

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Patient Review By Kathy D

Dr. Fuentes took out my son's wisdom teeth and put 2 implants in for me and we had a great experience. Flawless surgery for both of us. We found Dr. Fuentes to be compassionate and confident with a great sense of humor. We did so much laughing at our appointments. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of us.

- Kathy D

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