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Spring Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 55 reviews.

Patient Review By Tina

Two words that describe this office: genuine and superb! I placed my full trust in Dr. Fuentes and his team and they greatly exceeded my expectations. I will always sing your praises! ~~~Tina

- Tina

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Patient Review By Steven

Incredible doctor. Will return if need future oral surgery procedures.

- Steven

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Patient Review By Rebecca

As a mother I was super nervous when our dentist told me that our daughter needed her wisdom teeth out. Our dentist told me he was sending our family to "the best oral surgeon in the business" and he sure was right!!!! When we walked into the office we were amazed out how friendly and profesional the staff was, they made us feel right at home. When we met Dr. Fuentes we both immediately knew we had come to the right person for the job. He has the best bedside manner and makes you very comfortable. He was very thorough and answered all of our questions and kept us laughing the whole time during the exam. The surgery ( 4 impacted wisdom teeth) was flawless and my daughter slept through the entire procedure. She had virtually no pain afterwards! Fantastic experience for my daughter and this nervous momma. Dr. Fuentes will be the only oral surgeon to treat our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Rebecca

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Patient Review By Rachel F

Great customer service all the way through from first call until my surgery. I had my wisdom teeth removed and it was fast and painless. I have told all my friends to go see doctor Fuentes and 2 have already made appointments. I was super impressed how great my experience was.

- Rachel F

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Patient Review By Lisa

Wow! Finally found a medical professional that listens and is genuine. I would give this office 10 stars! Very genuine from the moment I called for my fist appointment at the way until the procedure and a phone call to check to see how I was doing after the procedure. This doctor is hands down the best I have come across. I feel blessed.

- Lisa

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Patient Review By Colleen

Wonderful experience. This is the kind of thing that would have me jangling with nerves. My initial consultation was such a reassuring experience that I was not a bit nervous the day of the extractions. Everything went smoothly with very minimal pain.

- Colleen

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Patient Review By Scott P

Had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Fuentes for my wisdom tooth extraction. I am 32 and have put this off due to my fear of dental procedures. The procedure went great, from the initial visit and consultation, through the actual surgery. The staff was great and very informative. Dr. Fuentes is top notch and made my experience as painless as possible. If you are looking for an oral surgeon, look no further. Thank you to all the amazing people of Spring Cypress Oral Surgery for making my procedure a great one.

- Scott P

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Patient Review By Bryan S

Overall, this was the best dentist visit in my life. I have experienced more residual pain from tooth fillings or crown procedures. Three hours after my tooth extraction, I was back teaching my 6th grade PE class. One day later, no pain, no swelling, and happy. I would highly recommend Dr. Fuentes to any of my friends and family!

- Bryan S

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Patient Review By Linda D

What a terrific surgeon! So personable. So compassionate during my procedure. Dr. Fuentes continued to explain each step of the tooth extraction process. His Assistant had her arm around me to comfort me along the way. I would highly recommend him and his Staff.

- Linda D

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Patient Review By Ben R

Great oral surgeon and an even better man. Dr Fuentes bedside manner is like talking to an old friend. I drove all the way from Conroe to see him because I was told he is the best. My dentist was right he is the best. I will recommend his practice to anyone who needs implants.

- Ben R

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